Nonbinary activist blasts male comics for misogynistic

A queer transfeminine nonbinary activist and performer claimed that many male comedians "masquerade their misogyny as humour.

Alok Vaid-Menon, who uses they/them pronouns, made the bold revelation while promoting his own comedy tour during an interview on The Project this week.

The 31-year-old stated, "I think it's time we defend humour from men in trousers." 
During an interview on The Project last week, nonbinary activist Alok Vaid-

-Menon (pictured) criticised male comedians, stating that many are "masquerading their misogyny as humour."

Alok continued, "I've just begun to watch some of this comedic material, and it feels like they're attempting to disguise their misogyny as humour."

So, I had to get in the ring and show that it's not funny to make fun of trans people for existing.   How much time, effort, and money you spend making up the gender binary is funny

Alok also stated that they want to demonstrate to the world how humorous transgender people are.   "I also feel like people only describe trans people as hypersensitive right now,