The Abu Dhabi-based International Holding Co. put $500 million into Gautam Adani's green company. This will help stabilise its debt-to-capital ratio, which

was 95.3% at the end of March, in the low 60% range, said Eric Liu, a credit desk analyst at Nomura Holdings in Hong Kong. IHC's help "will be clear when the

company releases the details of its second-quarter balance sheet." Liu said that the new money shows that Adani Green has the ability to raise equity

IHC has put nearly $2 billion into three companies that Adani owns. By November, we should know how the business did in the second quarter.

The Adani group has promised to put $70 billion into its green energy value chain by 2030.

This will help it become the world's largest renewable energy producer. This makes Adani an important part of India's plan to have no net carbon emissions by 2070.

Still, Adani Green is one of the most heavily indebted companies in the tycoon's business empire. With a debt-to-equity ratio of 2,021%,

it is the second worst company in Asia. Even though Liu said that the Adani Group's rapid growth is a "negative overhang for credit investors"

because most of its recent mergers and acquisitions (M&A) were paid for with debt, "he pointed out that

he pointed out that the conglomerate has been good at bringing in outside investors to get more money.

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