Nightly Pop’ Ends On E! And Nina Parker

After saying that they were making a lot of changes to their programming, E! showed the last episode of Nightly Pop

Morgan Stewart, Hunter March, and Nina Parker's talk show about pop culture came to an end with a toast to their time

on the air and a kiss between March and Parker. Each host wrote a heartfelt message to their fans on social media

to thank them for their support over the years. To everyone who helped make @e nightlypop a success, from the crew who

shot it to the makeup and clothes that made us look good; to the producers, staff,

and editors who made it all happen; to my gorgeous co-hosts who have made these past 5 years so incredible;

to you, the audience who slid into bed with us every night... March wrote on Instagram, "I love you and thank you. "See you on the next one. "

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