Nick Cannon is once again a father.

On Wednesday, the comedian and host of Masked Singer, LaNisha Cole, had a baby girl. They named her Onyx Ice Cole Cannon.

Once again, the Divine Feminine has me in awe today. " Cannon, who is 41 years old, wrote on Instagram as the caption for a black-and-white photo

of him and Cole holding their newborn daughter together right after Cole gave birth. "God has made it possible for me and @MissLanishaCole to

host an angel here on earth. I promise to take care of, guide, and love this child the best I can. "

"These angels we call children teach us so much," he said in his post, which was set to his song "I Do" with Chris Brown. I'm learning that it's not how

little time we have on this planet that's the problem, but how little love we have. And no matter what anyone says, I promise to love this little girl with all my heart. "

Cole, who is 40 years old, also posted a picture of her daughter and a video of Cannon smiling at his daughter on her Instagram account.

Later, she wrote on her Instagram Story, "Today has been such a special day for us." "I can't tell you how lucky I feel to be a parent to Onyx Ice Cole Cannon.

"The joy I feel as a mother has forever and in a huge new way opened up my heart," Cole wrote in the post, adding that her daughter is "surrounded by so much love."