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The Reds beat Man City and won the Community Shield in 2022, and Nunez scored on his debut for the team.

LEICESTER KING POWER STADIUM —The Community Shield was supposed to be about two new strikers,

and that's exactly what happened. Liverpool beat Manchester City to give Jurgen Klopp his last trophy.

The Reds won 3-1 when Darwin Nunez came off the bench to finish the game.

On the other hand, Erling Haaland had a hard time getting used to competing.  

In the match between the current Premier League champions and the FA Cup champions,

which happens every year, Liverpool started out on top.

Players like Mo Salah and Jordan Henderson had a lot of fun on their right flank.  

Trent Alexander-Arnold scored for the Reds in a first half that was,

as you might expect, full of bad passes, bad touches, and small lapses in focus.

He gave Liverpool the lead they deserved when his shot curled out,

hit the back post, and went in. Nathan Ake's head touched the ball as it went in, but Alexander-Arnold and Salah,

who helped him, had too much room to move, which was the main cause of the goal.

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