Ansu Fati: "I can get back to who I used to be if I work hard and make sacrifices."

The star of Barcelona is almost back to full health and is getting ready to shine this season.

Ansu Fati has had a hard time over the past two years. After a great start to his young career, the Barcelona star got hurt three times,

which set him back almost two full seasons. But since he came back at the end of last season and has been looking better and better in preseason,

The Prince is getting ready for what could be a big year for him and the team. And as the new campaign gets closer,

Ansu feels like he's getting better and better. Fati told Catalan media over the weekend that he is sure he can get back to the player he was before the injuries.

He also said that he no longer plays with fear of getting hurt again, which is an important mental step on the road to full recovery.

Ansu was also looking forward to the new season. He thinks the team can compete for titles, and he says that the depth of the team will keep everyone at their best all year.