Dogs are our loving companions most of the time, but sometimes they do bad things.

Though maybe not as badly as this dog, who attacked his dog walker with a knife.  

In health news today, polio was found in the wastewater of New York, which caused the state to declare a disaster and make more people get vaccinated.

On Friday, Democratic Governor Kathy Hochul of New York called the spread of polio through wastewater a "disaster" in the state.

The emergency declaration lets more doctors and nurses give polio vaccines and requires providers to send immunisation data to the New York State

Department of Health. "We can't take chances with polio," said State Health Commissioner Mary When Hochul told T.

She went on: "The risk of a disease that makes you or your child paralysed is real if you or your child haven't been vaccinated or haven't been vaccinated 

It protects almost everyone from getting sick if they get the recommended doses."