A commercial exploration company released new footage of the Titanic wreckage last week. It shows the doomed ship in great detail and shows

that the world for wealthy tourists is not just space, but also the deep sea. OceanGate Expeditions, a company that takes paying tourists to shipwrecks

and underwater canyons in submersibles, shared the one-minute video. For the Titanic expedition this summer, guests paid $250,000 to ride in

a submersible down about 2.4 miles to where the wreckage is on the seabed. 
Since 1985, when it was found standing up and broken in half less than 400 miles

from Newfoundland, the huge ship has fascinated historians, archaeologists, and other people. OceanGate's president, Stockton Rush, said that

 private exploration was needed to keep this interest going. 
Rush said, "No public agency is going to pay for going back to the Titanic." 

 "There are other sites that are more recent and probably more important to science." 
Scientists and historians give background information during the trip,

and some of them do research at the site, which has turned into a reef where many organisms live. The team also takes pictures of the wreckage

with high-definition cameras to keep track of how it is breaking down and to get a good look at it.