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The fourth episode starts with a quick look at Devi's stages of grief after a breakup. She goes crazy! She is sad! And after a few months,

she comes to terms with it. All of a sudden, it's the beginning of a new school year in the fall, and Devi is finally feeling good, at peace, and back to normal.

That is, until she finds out that Paxton has a new girlfriend named Phoebe Hayward. When Devi hears this, she calls Phoebe Hayward "Handjob Hayward" before apologising for her feminist slip.

Our rage-prone narrator says, "It's interesting that women can't get angry without thinking about how it affects other people." Even though this is huge news, Devi can't think about it too much.

Nirmala is having a party for Navaratri that night. The Vishwakumars celebrated Ganesh Puja in the first season, and now this.

The show does a good job of showing that there are other Hindu holidays besides Diwali (which Mindy Kaling also helped introduce to broader American audiences years ago through The Office).

Devi might not know much about the history of Navaratri (Fabiola can give an enthusiastic textbook definition), but she knows she has to be a good,

responsible granddaughter. That's why she'll miss Trent's birthday party that same night.

He thinks that Devi won't go to Trent's party because he is now in a relationship, so he tries to make up for it in case it hurts her feelings.

But Devi says it doesn't matter because she's been talking to "tonnes of guys." Paxton says that she doesn't seem ready to talk about things honestly,

which I think is fair. Since she hasn't been on many dates, she could be taking longer or feeling more emotional than him.

Eleanor and Fabiola still tell Devi that she needs to go to Trent's party, even if it's just to show Paxton that she's not still sad and missing him.

Move on to preparing for Navaratri. As the Vishwakumar women wait for the guests to arrive, Devi looks at Nirmala's Golu,

an artistic display of idols and figurines that includes a do-it-yourself Sanjay Gupta and a little brown bag from Bloomingdale's to represent the "American Dream."

Nirmala is still on Team Anyone But Manish, and she told Kamala that she should find a man who cares about their culture.

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