Recently, the "Euphoria" stars have been going through it.

  A few days after Barbie Ferreira said she was leaving the popular HBO show, co-star Sydney Sweeney caused a stir when she posted pictures from

her mother's 60th birthday party. On Saturday, the actor from "White Lotus" posted videos and photos from the party with a hoedown theme.

Some of Sweeney's photos show her riding a mechanical bull and dancing in a barn with her family, but fans with sharp eyes noticed the last photo

in her collection. In that picture, Sweeney posed with a man who was wearing a shirt with the Blue Lives Matter logo, which is an American flag with

a blue line. This is a symbol of support for police and the law.

Other detective fans who looked at Sweeney's brother Trent's Instagram account noticed that people at the party wore red "Make America Great

Again" caps like the ones that used to be worn by President Trump.

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