Scott Kelly, the founding guitarist and vocalist of NEUROSIS, has said in public that he "abused" his wife and children "emotionally, financially,

verbally, and physically." The 55-year-old has also said that he is "100% permanently retired from being a professional musician" and that "my only

focus for the rest of my life is taking care of my family, giving them safe space to heal, and rebuilding their trust."

In a long statement, Kelly wrote on his Facebook page: "Recent events make it clear to me that I need to clear up some rumours and set the record straight."  

"Over the past few years, I've hurt my wife and younger children emotionally, financially, verbally, and physically. When I started to worry that

people would find out, I found ways to keep my wife and kids from going to work and school. I also made friends and family members angry with

each other. I became obsessed with control and used threats, manipulation, threats of self-harm and suicide, and hurting people's bodies and

reputations to keep that control. When I knew my wife was going to leave, I tried to convince her and others that I was crazy, that I was seeing

things, and that I didn't know what I was doing. She tried to help me find therapy and a psychiatrist. My lies and tricks fell apart when professionals

looked at them. When my wife finally tried to leave, I followed and bothered her day and night, putting her and our youngest child in a constant state of fear.

"I have lied or told half truths to so many people about so much of this that I can't keep track of them," Scott said. "I don't want to tell any more lies

about any of this. I love my wife very much. She is the most wonderful person I know. She is very honest, very loving, and very good to the core.

This letter is a huge oversimplification of the damage I've done that can't be fixed and the things I've done to her and our kids that can't be forgiven.

More words would not help anyone in this public setting. As the truth started to get out, some people tried to blame my wife for my abuse to let me

off the hook, and others spread hurtful and ridiculous rumours about her. This is messed up. She is so much better than this. If this is how you think or if you're spreading these rumours, you need to stop.

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