Netflix 'Cobra Kai' Season 5 Review

The 10 episodes of this season of Netflix's "Cobra Kai" stand out for their humour and warmth. 

Patience is of the utmost importance, which was Mr. Miyagi's most important lesson, and will be shown in many ways this season. 

When it comes to "Cobra Kai," Netflix has been doing very well. The series has been nothing but a feel-good show for everyone out there. As viewers know,

it's a spin-off of the original "Karate Kid" movies, so the original students are now Senseis on the show. Even though it has its own twists and turns,

some parts of the movie take the audience back in time to show how things were back then. Anyhow, it has done great things and shown that it is a good series to watch all at once. 

In the last episode of Season 4, Terry tells Tory to fight dirty, but Kreese steps in to stop them. Tory wins the match, which means that "Cobra Kai" wins the tournament as a whole.

Terry then says that he wants to start franchising "Cobra Kai." After the game, Tory sees Terry trying to pay off the referee with money. Johnny breaks down about

how he failed to help Johnny guide Kenny, and Robby and Johnny make up. Kreese gets arrested for Stingray's attack after Terry frames him.

Miguel is going to Mexico to find his real father. Daniel asks Chozen for help to get rid of "Cobra Kai" for good.