Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band live the dream 

Mulga Bore Hard Rock Band and their families' dream came true when they got to play at KISS's very last show in Australia.

The six-person band is from Mulga Bore, a small outpost in the middle of Central Australia's outback where English is a second language and jobs can be hard to come by.

Alvin Manfong, the lead singer and front man of the band, said that the weekend on the Gold Coast was "awesome."

It was just like a dream.It was amazing to meet the legends and the other bands that played before them, Tumbleweed and Wolfmother."

Manfong said that everyone in the band and in his family was thankful for the experience.   It was incredible to see Kiss live. Rebecca McLean, who makes independent documentaries,

said that the trip was a "smashing success."   She said that Paul Stanley, Gene Simmons, and the whole KISS band were there to see them play.

"Everyone loved it, and there were a lot of people there even though they were the first act at 4 p.m."