Mike, review: Disney’s Mike Tyson biopic gives the troubled boxing star an easy ride

This Disney+ drama only shows one side of the life of the former world heavyweight champion. Mike, an eight-part biopic on Disney+, has been called unofficial by Mike Tyson

He said, "They took my life story and didn't pay me." Tyson might have a good reason to be upset about the money. But he doesn't have to worry about what's in it.

. This is almost a hagiography because it shows Iron Mike as a lonely little boy who just wants to be loved. It is well-made and mildly entertaining on the surface.

. The drama moves quickly through different parts of Tyson's life in half-hour episodes. In the first episode, we learn about his troubled childhood.

In later episodes, we learn about his relationship with trainer Cus D'Amato (played by the great Harvey Keitel), his marriage to Robin Givens,

, his management by Don King, and so on. Fans who were hoping to see some good boxing scenes will be let down because they only last a few seconds.

Zaiden James and BJ Minor do good jobs playing young and teenage Tyson, but the series belongs to Trevante Rhodes,