Mike Jackson has fired back at the fighters who are trying to get him to fight them. He is wondering why they want to fight him if he is so bad.

Mike Jackson may be best known as the person who Mickey Gall beat or who CM Punk beat. He didn't beat the best wrestler in the world, so people

thought he wasn't really into the match. His now-famous bolo punches upset a lot of people, including Dana White, the president of the UFC.

Jackson has been called out more than once since that fight. 
In his last fight, he beat Dean Barry by disqualification, which was so shocking that Barry was kicked out of the UFC because of it.

Barry got a ground shot and poked himself in the eye, which caused him to lose, and Jackson was given the win. Jackson is now going back to UFC Vegas 62 to face Pete Rodriguez.

Jackson told TheAllStar about how he could relate to the 17-year-old Rosas Jr. while he was talking about his strange situation. Rosas Jr. is the new contender in the series.  

"Fighters in [The UFC] won't want to fight him (Rosas Jr.) already, which seems strange to me. But I'll give you an example of myself. You have a lot of

people telling you that you stink, can't fight, or whatever. Then they'll say, "Oh, I want to fight him," so they can get into the UFC. So you're just

thinking, "That makes no sense at all. "If I'm bad, why would you want to fight me?"  

Mike Jackson makes a good point when he says that they don't have many places to go after the fight.

"What happens next? Aren't there some crazy killers? If you're talking about being the best and the champion, which is what all of these fighters are doing, then you're talking about the same thing.

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Outside the cage, they are talking about this. Except me. I'm probably one of the only guys who came here just for fun.  

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