Microsoft has put up a new website with a lot of information about the Xbox's purchase of Activision.

Microsoft said earlier this year that it was going to buy Activision for just under $70 billion.

It will be the most expensive deal in the history of gaming if it goes through. It would give Microsoft control over Activision,

developers like Infinity Ward, Treyarch, and Blizzard, and game series like Call of Duty. It would be a treasure trove of content for Xbox, and

competitors like PlayStation are worried about this. Jim Ryan, who is in charge of PlayStation, has already said what he thinks about the deal.

He is very upset and worried about it. Xbox has tried to calm people's worries by saying that Call of Duty will continue to be available on PlayStation, 

but the long-term future is still a bit unclear. As of right now, Xbox has said that it wants Call of Duty to be available on more than one platform,

just like Minecraft. Even so, Xbox has hinted that big series like The Elder Scrolls and Starfield would be exclusive to Xbox, 

so it seems like each game is looked at on its own. Call of Duty would also be better with Xbox Game Pass, but a series that is this big seems to do well on all platforms.

Microsoft has made a new website after hearing that Ryan talked to EU regulators about his concerns and that the EU needs to make a decision by early November.

The new website has clear, concise information that makes it easy for Microsoft to make its case. It also has quotes from different Microsoft sources talking about

the deal and what they plan to do with it. An infograph shows more clearly how this deal helps players, the industry, and game developers.

Microsoft even says that this purchase could be good for PlayStation players and the platform as a whole, which is pretty interesting.

"More Competition in Traditional Games": Microsoft says that Activision's purchase will help Sony and Nintendo.

A plan to buy a major video game publisher and a major console maker has run into problems with the government. The acquirer was taking steps,

like making a new landing page, to help the deal move forward.