Micky Dolenz is the only member of The Monkees who is still alive. He has filed a lawsuit against the Department of Justice to get back the records the FBI kept

on the band in the 1960s. In the 1960s, The Monkees had four No. 1 albums and a popular TV show.

In 1967, they were investigated for allegedly protesting the Vietnam War by flashing images

and messages against it at one of their concerts, according to a complaint filed on Tuesday. Dolenz, who is 77 years old, is suing to get the whole case

file. In 2011, a heavily redacted part of the file was made public. This part included testimony from an informant who was at the 1967 concert. 

The person who gave the information said that the images that flashed on the screen behind the band were a "political left-wing intervention" that included

"anti-U.S. messages" about the Vietnam War. Rolling Stone was the first to report on the lawsuit. It was filed by attorney Mark S. Zaid, a lifelong Monkees fan

"Theoretically, though, those files could have anything in them," Zaid told Rolling Stone. "We don't even know if any records exist.

Almost anything could be true. but we'll see soon enough." In the 1960s, when J. Edgar Hoover was in charge,

the FBI was known for keeping an eye on the counterculture, even if it didn't do anything wrong, Zaid said.

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