A new documentary shows that Michael Jackson used 19 fake IDs to get drugs. When the news of Michael Jackson's death came out in late June 2009, the world stopped.

The 50-year-old "Thriller" singer was found unresponsive in his Los Angeles home. He had gone into cardiac arrest, which was caused by the anaesthetic

propofol, which Jackson's doctor, Conrad Murray, reportedly gave him all the time. In the years that followed, Jackson said that drugs had taken over his life.

The death was ruled a murder, and Murray took full responsibility. He was found guilty of unintentional manslaughter and given a four-year prison sentence,

of which he served just under two. But Murray got the most hate from the public, even though Jackson, who would have turned 64 on Monday,

was abusing drugs in alarming doses for most of his life. A new documentary called "TMZ Investigates: Who Really Killed Michael Jackson,

" which will air on Fox next month, claims that a number of other doctors made it easy for him to do this, and none of them went to jail after the King of Pop's death.

The LAPD detective who was in charge of Jackson's death, Orlando Martinez, says in the documentary, 

It's a lot more complicated than just saying that Dr. Murray was at his bedside when he died." "For years, things had been leading up to his death,

and all of these different doctors and nurses let Michael set his own rules and get the medicines he wanted, when and where he wanted them," says Martinez.

"They are all to blame for his death today." At the time of his death, Jackson was taking propofol from bottles the size of "Gatorade," according to Ed Winter,

the assistant chief coroner for LA County. Murray says that the medical community helped him become addicted to the drug in many ways.

He also says that propofol "was the only way he could sleep, especially when he was getting ready for a tour." 

Michael Jackson used 19 fake IDs to score drugs: new doc revelations on birthday

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