Metallica Song Inspired by a Country Music Star

Metallica is the best example of an American metal band. They even put the word "metal" in their name, which was a smart move.

Their songs are often about heavy things like war, death, and religion. Many metal bands write songs about the same kinds of things.

James Hetfield, who writes most of the band's lyrics, says that some songs are very personal to him.

With all of these serious songs, it's easy to forget that James Hetfield has a healthy respect for many artists from the 1960s and 1970s outlaw country movement.

People often think of country western music and heavy metal as being on opposite ends of the musical spectrum.

Heavy metal is all about fast shredding and heavy riffs, while country music stays much closer to the original folk forms of music

and focuses on telling stories. There's no doubt that a lot of country artists have great stories to tell

and the themes of outlaw country artists have a lot in common with heavy metal themes.

They used drugs and alcohol and were feared by both. Waylon Jennings is one of the most famous people in country music,

so it's no surprise that James Hetfield became friends with him.

As Hetfield wrote on Metallica's website, the two met when Hetfield talked to Jennings for a radio show.

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