After the latest update, which came out on Monday, PVP players in Overwatch 2 have some new things to learn. 

Mercy's Super Jump is one of the most important changes. During the Overwatch 2 betas, the developers tried to make this tech an official part of the support hero's kit,

and now they're trying again. 
Mercy's Super Jump no longer happens automatically when she gets to a friend with a Guardian Angel.

At the start of this beta, Blizzard tried that method, but it didn't quite work. The short wait before Super Jump worked felt very strange.

Instead, as Mercy approaches a friend, a meter fills up.You can point Mercy in any direction, even up, and hit the jump button to send her in that direction.

The faster she can get off the ground, the more the meter is charged. Mercy can also go backwards

if you hold the back button and cancel Guardian Angel with a jump. 

"The last version of Guardian Angel gave the player less control over the game as a whole, often sending Mercy into danger or out of range for Resurrect,"

Team 4 wrote in the developer comments. "This version keeps the player's goals in mind and still lets them move up and down without making the controls harder to use." 

Sadly, this is not the answer either. It slows down Super Jump and makes it harder to control. At least in the last version, Guardian Angel still made it easy to slingshot past an ally.

When you have to look away from enemies or allies to aim Mercy, you can't focus on anything else.

onsole players who like a low level of sensitivity will also find it hard to control the ability. On top of that, Mercy doesn't seem to grow as tall as she used to.