Meghan Markle complained about ‘not getting paid 

Meghan Markle didn't try to hide the fact that she didn't like being a royal before "Megxit." She even said out loud that she should have been

paid for her tour of Australia in 2018, during which she allegedly treated her staff "horribly," according to a new book.

The Duchess of Sussex introduced herself at her reception in Australia as the "inspirational" new wife of Prince Harry, but in private, Markle

sang a different tune, according to a book called "In Courtiers: the Hidden Power Behind the Crown" by Valentine Low, which was cited by The Sun.

Low is said to have written: "Even though she liked the attention, Meghan didn't understand why she had to go on all those walkabouts and

shake hands with so many strangers," Low is said to have written. "At least once, she was heard saying,

'I can't believe I'm not getting paid for this,'" said several staff members. The book said that the divorced, mixed-race American actress

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