Meet the 12 singles hoping to find love on The Real Love Boat

The ship will set sail again 36 years after the last episode of The Love Boat, but this time, real people will be on board looking for love. 

The cast and crew of CBS's new reality show, The Real Love Boat, have been announced.

The show starts on Oct. 5 and is a mix of a dating show and a romantic cruise.

The ship will take on 12 single passengers, and it will have its own captain, bartender, and cruise director (a nod to classic characters from the original series).  

The cruise will go all around the Mediterranean with stops in Barcelona, Marseille, Rome, Santorini, Athens, and more.

It will be led by Rebecca Romijn and Jerry O'Connell.

The singles will compete in challenges to see how well they get along with other people while they look for love.