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Green Sentry Holdings LLC, a private company in Florida, and MMNFF just finished a deal worth $67 million for the company's Florida-based licence,

dispensaries, inventory, and growing operations. The deal is made up of $63 million in cash and about $4 million in debts that Green Sentry will take on.

A trademark licence for MedMen in the state is also part of the deal. Bellrock Brands (DXBRF), another cannabis company, also announced this month that

they would be leaving Florida's very competitive market. Bellrock said that it will now be focusing on Missouri.

The CEO of MedMen, Ed Record, said, "We are happy to announce that this deal has been completed, especially in light of the tough economy we

are working in." "The sale of MedMen's Florida assets is an important step in the company's efforts to restructure. The goal is to give the company

more financial flexibility and a stronger, leaner operating structure, which will put us on the road to being EBITDA positive in the long run."

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