Matthew McConaughey on surviving sex

In a new interview, Matthew McConaughey said that the trauma of being abused or forced to have sex as a teen won't "beat" him.

The actor talked about the "ugly" events on Amanda de Cadenet's podcast The Conversation: About The Men. He first talked about them in his 2020 book, Greenlights.

In Greenlights, the Oscar winner said that a man abused him when he was 18 and "knocked him out in the back of a van."

He also said that he had his first sexual experience "when I was 15" because he was forced to do so.

During his conversation with de Cadenet, which was released on Sunday (18 September), the Interstellar actor said, "I'm not going to be afraid

of relationships because my first one was blackmail." "That's not the norm. No, that's not how things are

And if I keep talking about it—and I'm not going to let it get to me—he said, "Am I denying that it happened? NoI don't say that it didn't happen. It took place. "

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