Matthew Macfadyen Work Co-Star, Wife Keeley Hawes

Co-star and wife Keeley Hawes commend "Stonehouse" actor Matthew Macfadyen for his work. 

Succession star Matthew Macfadyen, who last season pulled the rug out from under the feuding Roys by abandoning wife Shiv, has received Keeley Hawes'

blessing for his role in the upcoming thriller Stonehouse. Because of his depiction of the seemingly spineless Tom Wambsgans in HBO's award-winning comedy-drama,

Macfadyen has received praise from all around the world and has twice been nominated for an Emmy. The British politician John Stonehouse,

who notoriously staged his own death in Florida in 1974 and left a pile of garments on the beach in Miami before turning up in Melbourne, Australia,

will be the next wriggly character he plays on TV. where police discovered him, apprehended him, and sent him back to the UK. 

Hawes, one of the most recognisable actresses in the UK with parts in It's A Sin, Bodyguard, and The Durrells, will co-star with Macfadyen as Stonehouse and his wife.

Hawes has said that working with her husband was a pleasure. This past weekend, Hawes told The Guardian, "We simply had much too great of a time.

The thought, "They're married, how's this going to be?" is present. In the end, he is an actor with whom I would have delighted to collaborate. Therefore, it was a thrill.

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