Marsha Hunt has died. She was a bright-eyed starlet who stood out in movies like "These Glamour Girls," "Pride and Prejudice," and "Raw Deal"

before the communist witch hunt in Hollywood ruined her career. She turned 104. The writer and director of the documentary Marsha Hunt's Sweet Adversity, Roger C.

Memos, told The Hollywood Reporter that she died of natural causes on Tuesday evening at her Sherman Oaks home, where she had lived since 1946.

Hunt also starred with Mickey Rooney in The Human Comedy (1943), which was nominated for an Oscar for best picture. At the time, she was

known as "Hollywood's Youngest Character Actress." 
The Chicago native made her first big splash as a suicidal college student opposite Lana Turner in MGM's These Glamour Girls.

She used to be a model and signed with Paramount Pictures when she was 17. (1939).

In Joe and Ethel Turp's Call on the President (1939), in which she played Walter Brennan's sweetheart, Hunt went from being 16 years old to 65

years old on screen. She played Mary Bennet's boring sister in Pride and Prejudice (1940), and she played the good girl opposite Claire Trevor and

Dennis O'Keefe in Anthony Mann's film noir classic Raw Deal (1948). Years later, in the 1971 movie Johnny Got His Gun, written by Dalton Trumbo, who was on the blacklist,

, Hunt played the mother of the quadriplegic character played by Timothy Bottoms.