Indira Devi, who was the mother of Tollywood star Mahesh Babu, died in Hyderabad because she was sick. She took her last breath at 4 a.m. on

Wednesday. Multiple news sources say that the actor's mother was taken to the AIG Hospital in Hyderabad because she was having health problems related to her age.

From 9 a.m. to 12 p.m., people will be able to pay their last respects at Padmalaya Studios, where Indira Devi's body will be kept. In the afternoon,

her funeral will be held at Maha Prasthanam. Also Read: Mahesh Babu's Father Krishna Cried as He Was Photographed at Indira Devi's Funeral; Photos Go Viral

Mrs. Ghattamaneni Indira Devi, who was the wife of veteran actor Krishna and the mother of Mahesh Babu, died just now. She had been sick for a

long time. Fans will be able to see her dead body at Padmalaya Studios at 9 a.m. today, and the last rites will be held at Maha Prasthanam. Read what Mahesh Babu's family has to say. 

Several famous people, like Jr. NTR, Vivek Agnihotri, and Kartikeya, as well as fans, have talked about how sad they are that Mahesh Babu's mother

died. Stay strong, Annnaya! is always available to you. It's hard to accept the truth when you think about where Mahesh Babu is now. " Another

person wrote, "It makes me very sad to hear that our # MahaeshBabu mother, Indira Devi Garu, has died. Today was her last day alive. We send our

deepest condolences to the family and friends of Ghattamaneni. Indira Devi Garu, rest in peace. Stay strong, Anna.

@urstrulyMahesh Anna. " NTR wrote, "I am very sad about Indira Devi Garu's death. We are very sorry for Krishna Garu, Mahesh Anna, and the rest of the family's loss. "

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