A few coincidences can be nice, but the romantic comedy "About Fate," which was directed by Marius Vaysberg

and written by Tiffany Paulsen ("Holidate"), is full of things that don't make sense.

Griffin (Thomas Mann), a public defender, and Margot (Emma Roberts), a real estate agent,

both have high hopes for their dates with their significant others on New Year's Eve.

Their split-screen hopes for a marriage proposal make us think they are perfect for each other. People who have seen the trailer know

better. Margot's boyfriend, Kip, breaks up with her (the martial artist and action star Lewis Tan).

The next day, they will be at the wedding of Margot's sister, who is very strict (a spiky Britt Robertson).

Griffin's luck doesn't get much better. He asks his girlfriend, Clementine, to marry him while sitting