Louis Tomlinson: Will radio stations play my songs again

Justin Bieber, Sam Fender, and Shawn Mendes all cancelled gigs due to tour exhaustion. Louis Tomlinson has evaded the curse despite a busy year.

Tomlinson is happiest when touring. He loves the lifestyle. too much? The former members of a boy band can understand how late night

constant travel, and moving can make people less strong and determined. He saw how much travelling hurt his former bandmate Zayn Malik,

who stopped performing live because of it. Tomlinson feels avoiding hotel rooms is the key to keeping calm. "You were evicted from your home."

He sleeps on the tour bus with his band in a "constant" bunk. "This is the purest expression of what I do," he explains. As if I'll climb into my double bed and

say goodnight to the band in bunks. No. "My bunk is standard. And you'll sleep well. After closing the curtain and turning off the lights,

it's pitch black and the engine roar lulls you to sleep. It's sweet. The singer spent most of 2022 on tour, playing 80 gigs to more than half a million people in the US,