LONDON — After months of upheaval, Prime Minister

LONDON — After months of upheaval, Britain will rely on predictable and time-tested customs today when Prime Minister Boris Johnson hands over power and a lot of economic and political problems to Liz Truss. 

From the official home of the prime minister in Downing Street, Johnson will say his goodbyes. You can count on a politician who may still make a comeback

despite all the scandals to use colourful metaphors, throw in a Latin phrase or two, and brag about his own accomplishments. 

Johnson and Truss will travel to see Queen Elizabeth II, but this time they will go to Balmoral Castle in Scotland instead of the usual Buckingham Palace.

Because of her health, the 96-year-old queen has missed many events on the royal calendar. But as long as the important people come to where she's been

staying, she doesn't seem to want to give this one to someone else. 
Johnson will bow to the queen and offer his resignation

. Truss will ask for permission to put together a government next. The ceremony is called "kissing hands,"

 but there is no kissing in modern politics. 
Truss will go back to London as Britain's 56th prime minister

and Britain will join a small group of countries that have had at least three female heads of government.