Is Griffin Gluck (Gabe) in Locke and Key Season 3? Does Dodge return?

The last season of Locke and Key has started, and fans will get to see a lot more of what happens with the family's magical keys.

The Lockes thought they were done fighting demons when they beat Dodge (Laysla De Oliveira) at the end of the second season. In the last few minutes of the season,

we saw a much stronger force escape into the real world. He might not be as easy to stop as Dodge.

Gideon, played by Kevin Durand, is the main bad guy in season 3 of Locke and Key, which is now available on Netflix.

But even though this demon is in the spotlight, will Dodge come back or will Dodge use Gabe's (Griffin Gluck) name?

Season 3 of Locke and Key will be spoiled below. During Locke and Key's third season, the family tries out some keys that turn out to be pretty dangerous.

For example, Bode uses the Time Shift Key even though he was told not to, and he goes back in time without realising that what he does there could change the future.

In episode 3, "Five Minutes Past," Bode goes back to a time in season 2 when the siblings are fighting off Dodge (as Gabe) and Bode is in chains.

He faces the group, who are surprised to see Bode in two places at the same time. From the future,

Bode's uncle Duncan (Aaron Ashmore) tells him that what he's doing isn't a good idea and tells him to leave. Gabe walks up to Bode and uses a key to change back into the real Dodge.

The real Dodge then chases Bode because he wants the Time Shift Key. Dodge is able to grab Bode's leg and follow him back to the past.

Before the end of episode 3, Dodge takes over Bode's body. In the next episode, he looks for the rest of the keys. 

The family doesn't figure out that Bode is really Dodge until episode 5, "Siege." They then work with Dodge to fight Gideon. 

That's the last time we see her in season 3 of Locke and Key. Dodge, who is played by Laysla De Oliveira and Griffin Gluck, does show up in Locke and Key season 3,

but Gideon is a much bigger threat this time. Will they eventually be able to beat him? To find out, you'll have to watch! 

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