Linda Evangelista tried to "fix" a rare condition caused by a cosmetic procedure by drinking only water.

Linda Evangelista says that she stopped eating at one point because of her paradoxical adipose hyperplasia. This happened after she had a CoolSculpting procedure,

which left her face and body with protruding fatty tissue in several places. The famous model told the public for the first time in September 2021

about how a rare problem after the procedure had affected her mental health and ability to work. She recently told British Vogue, for its September cover story,

 more about her experience with the cosmetic treatment. 
During her lawsuit against CoolSculpting company Zeltiq, which she has since settled, 

the model said that she tried to fix what went wrong with liposuction and even ate nothing but water for a while so she could get rid of the hard, fatty lumps.

"There are cuts on every part of my body. She said, "I've had stitches, worn compression under my chin, and had my whole body tightly girded for eight weeks,

but nothing has helped." I was so embarrassed because I had just spent so much money, and the only way I could think of to make up for it was to drink

something with no calories, so I just drank water. Or sometimes I'd have one apple or a stick of celery. " "I was going crazy," she said, adding that her teenage son,

Augustin James Evangelista, whom she had with Kering chairman and CEO Francois-Henri Pinault, could see that her mental health was getting worse.

The model said that after the surgery, she didn't leave her house, even though she was fully dressed, until she took her now-15-year-old son to a football game.

But while she was hiding her body from the public, she was also hiding herself from him. The thing that really hurt me was when he said,

"Remember when you used to be so much fun? "Remember how often you used to laugh? " Evangelista said, thinking back to a time that had stayed with her.

"It was such a simple remark. It was a lot to deal with. She did eventually tell him everything, and she told him that he had started asking her why she wasn't working like her friends.

The model says she told him that if she filed a lawsuit, what had happened to her would be made public and that he "might hear things and be embarrassed."

She said, "He was as wise as a 13-year-old could be." He asked, "Why should I feel ashamed? I'm sad for you. " I'm not ashamed. " Then he said, "Don't worry, I'll take care of you."

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