LGBT Solidarity March in Norway for Canceled Pride Parade

This year's Pride celebration was cancelled after a person was shot and killed outside of a gay nightclub in June.

Hundreds of people took part in an LBGT solidarity march through the Norwegian capital to show their support. 

A moment from Oslo Pride on September 10, 2022 After two and a half months since the terrible killing in Oslo, the rainbow train will finally

depart on Saturday. Originally, Oslo was scheduled to have its annual Pride march on June 25. However, on the evening of that Saturday, two

people were killed and numerous others were injured in a shooting at, among other locations, a central Oslo pub, and the parade was

cancelled. (Through AP, they beat Oma Dahle/NTB Scanpix) The Collective Press

(AP) HELSINKI, Finland —On Saturday, hundreds of people marched through the Norwegian capital to remember the Pride parade,