The owner of Five Fox Lane in Leicester, Janet Gillbanks, said that her bill would go from £10,000 a year to £55,000. 

She said that the increase was "scary" and that there was "no way" she could find the extra money. She said, "That's scary

This is a small business that has been making money since we reopened after COVID.

There is no way we can find another £40,000 or £45,000 for electricity. I want to keep going, but this isn't possible. " 

She said that during the day, she used a refrigerator, a freezer, coffee machines, blenders, and ovens.

She said, "There are things we could do to use less energy. The dishwasher is always on here, and we could get the marigolds out and wash more dishes by hand. " 

" We could cut our hours to save money on bills, but that would mean fewer people coming in. "

But nothing we can think of will save us more than £5,000 a year, which won't help.

Our suppliers already made us raise our prices, but we'd have to charge $5 for a cup of coffee, and who's going to pay that? "

Mrs. Gillbanks has seven workers at her café. She said, "They're all very worried about their jobs, and I don't want to have to fire anyone." 

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