It looks like the weather gods didn't pay attention to Fanny Brice's request.

Even though it was a dark and rainy Tuesday in Manhattan, Lea Michele's long-awaited Broadway debut in the "Funny Girl" revival went off without a hitch.

Before Michele could sing a note in her crystal-clear soprano, the crowd at the August Wilson Theatre stood up as soon as she walked on stage.

This made it hard to hear the show's famous opening line, "Hello, gorgeous," which was sung at the beginning of the show.

She would get six standing ovations, with the last one being so loud that it would shake the rafters.  

It's been a long time coming for Michele, who has been unofficially campaigning for a long time to be able to play

the fiery comedian and singer Fanny Brice on stage. Her character Rachel Berry on "Glee" frequently sang the musical's biggest hits, such as

"Don't Rain on My Parade," "I'm the Greatest Star," and "People."A sort of public audition tape And a lot of people, both famous and not, showed up.

Michele's best friend and one-time "Spring Awakening" co-star Jonathan Groff was there, as well as her old "Glee" boss Ryan Murphy

She and her theatre friend Fiona Castro say they each paid $250 to see "Funny Girl" for the second time.