Kylie Jenner gets breast milk on her shirt in the candid video

Kylie Jenner shared a video on social media that showed what it's like to be a mom. On Wednesday, the founder of Kylie Cosmetics went on TikTok to respond to critics who

to respond to critics who said her last TikTok video was "curated" or made to look more "normal." But while she was filming, she caught herself on camera breastfeeding.

Kylie pointed to the white stain on her black shirt and said, "Oh, it looks like I'm lactating." She then said, "So the last time I did a TikTok in the car,

it seemed to just make some people mad. Some people might have thought it was fake or that I didn't really drive myself, which is silly. So, I thought,

"Why don't we start a series called "Kylie in the Kar"?" 
The 25-year-old reality star then showed off a bright red matte lip crayon from her brand's

latest collaboration with Kris Jenner, which is called the Kris Collection. When she was done with her red lip look, the mother of two said at the end of her TikTok video

"I'm going to go, maybe change my shirt now." Fans liked how the ex-Keeping Up With the Kardashians star's video showed the truth about being a new mom