Kristin Cavallari: After having three children, I got a breast lift. 
Taking everything.

Kristin Cavallari went on social media to talk about how she got such "amazing" breasts after nursing three kids, and she said it was because she used a lift.

The "Very Cavallari" star was answering some questions from her fans on social media when one of them asked, "Are your boobs real?

They look really good! (I'm a mom of two, and I'm jealous)." "I'm going to tell you guys the truth:

I got a lift after breastfeeding all three of my kids," Cavallari, 35, said.

The founder of Uncommon James also shared a photo of herself smiling while wearing an all-white bikini on the beach.

Cavallari doesn't mind getting a breast lift, but she has told Page Six in the past that she doesn't want Botox or fillers. "My face has fine lines! I don't care. I have a lot to say.

The author of "Balancing in Heels" said, "I like that my face moves." "I don't have anything bad to say about Botox or fillers.

I just don't think it's right for me and my life. Since we don't know what will happen to the stuff over time, they scare me. I think we should welcome getting older."  

But she is happy about putting on weight because she realised she was always too thin. "At the time, I didn't know how thin I was. "I'm glad I've gained weight," she told Us Weekly in June.

The former "Hills" star has three kids with Jay Cutler, a 39-year-old former quarterback for the Chicago Bears. Their sons are Camden, 9, and Jaxon, 8, and their daughter is Saylor, 6.

The two people got married in June 2013, but they broke up and said they were getting a divorce in April 2020. 

Cavallari then dated a mystery man for a short time before moving on to podcaster Jeff Dye,

who she dated for "five or six months right after the other guy." 

Today, Cavalleri is single again, and her Instagram story says that she is "ready to get back out there."

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