The Wrath of Khan is a continuation of one of The Original Series’ best episodes, Space Seed, in which Enterprise finds a ship adrift in deep space full of

humans in suspended animation. It turns out these are genetically engineered supermen who nearly destroyed Earth in the 1990s and later fled the planet to

avoid persecution. Upon being revived, their leader, Khan Noonien Singh (Ricardo Montalbán), attempts to hijack Enterprise in a bid to conquer the galaxy.

But Captain Kirk and company foil this effort and banish Khan and his people to a planet called Ceti Alpha V, where they might make a new life without

harming others. However, six months after the Enterprise departs, a nearby planet explodes, rendering Ceti Alpha V inhabitable.

Now it’s fifteen years later. Having barely managed to survive, Khan wants revenge against the man he holds responsible—Admiral James T.

 Kirk. And when the Starship Reliant arrives to survey the planet, Khan gains the means to exact his vengeance. But the stakes are higher still,

 for Reliant is helping to test an experimental device, code-named Genesis, with unthinkable power to create or destroy. Meanwhile,

 Kirk and Spock are on a training cruise with a batch of Starfleet Academy cadets aboard the Enterprise instead of an experienced crew.

And with Genesis now in Khan’s hands, they'll indeed have to pay a high price in order to stop him.

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