Keke Palmer laughs at the old interview with Tyra Banks and Beyoncé that has gone viral.

This week, an old, strange interview with Tyra Banks and Beyoncé went viral and got a lot of attention. Keke Palmer is getting involved.

After a crazy interview from an episode of The Tyra Banks Show in 2008 went viral, the Nope star, who is no stranger to viral moments, joined in on the jokes.

"This is why Beyoncé doesn't do interviews anymore," says the tweet's caption, which has been seen over 1.4 million times this week on Twitter.

In the tweet, there is a clip of Banks interviewing Renaissance singer Sasha Fierce for a "different" kind of interview during her Sasha Fierce period.

The host of America's Next Top Model then quickly went through a list of puns on Beyoncé's name. "When did you last buy something in a store, Buy-yoncé?" Banks began

"If you could talk to anyone who has died, Seanc-é, who would it be?" she went on. 

And the puns keep coming, which is very cringe-worthy to watch, while Beyoncé seems to nod and smile nervously along.

"Clay-oncé, have you ever voted on American Idol?" "Gray-oncé, when you get older, are you going to dye your hair?" "Slosha Fierce,

when was the last time you got a little tipsy?" "Squasha Fierce, what sport do you like to play?" "Washa Fierce, do you sing in the shower?"

(A reference to "Idol" contestant Clay Aiken). Now that the interview is being talked about again on Twitter, Palmer chimed in to enjoy the jokes and puns that have been made.

"They were going crazy in the comments," Palmer tweeted, referring to the video that was going viral. Some choice comments include:

"What's your favourite kind of tree, TREEyoncé? Snowboard or Ski, Yoncé? Have you ever hooked up with a woman? "  Someone made a joke about the singer: 

"So Tiredoncé," while someone else made a joke about "Bee-yonce." What kind of bugs would sting you if you were stung by a swarm? "