The Republican primary in New Hampshire's first congressional district went to Karoline Leavitt, who used to work for Trump's press office.

The race was called by The Associated Press. Leavitt, who is 25, is only the second person from Generation Z and the first Republican to win a House primary.

The oldest members of Generation Z will be able to run for the U.S. House of Representatives for the first time in the midterm elections of 2022.

The minimum age to serve in the House of Representatives is 25. Leavitt will now run against 42-year-old Democratic incumbent Chris Pappas to represent the district.

This is a "swing seat" that Republicans hope to flip as part of their plan to win back the majority of House seats. In her victory speech Tuesday night, Leavitt said,

"They said I was too young, that we could never get enough money to compete, and that we could never beat a former Republican nominee."

"We spent more than they did last year, but we didn't work more," she exclaimed. "No way!"

Pappas, 33, who worked for Trump in the State Department and ran for the seat in 2020 but lost to Pappas by five percentage points, lost to Leavitt.

Even though Mowers narrowly led Leavitt in polls before the primary, the most recent survey from the University of New Hampshire added to the

uncertainty by finding that almost a quarter of respondents were still undecided just two weeks before the election.