Kanye West Walks Away From Gap Deal 

Kanye West has been bad-mouthing Gap for weeks, so it looks like his deal with the clothing company is over.

Lawyers for the grumpy rapper officially told Gap on Thursday that the rapper's company, Yeezy LLC, is ending a 2020 deal to build a Yeezy Gap brand.

The letter said that Gap had broken the terms of their agreement by not opening the stores they had planned or putting out the clothes they had promised.

This is what the Wall Street Journal said. The letter says that fans will still be able to buy Yeezy Gap items in stores before the clothing company

has to stop using the brand name. The clothes that Ye made with Balenciaga and that are also sold at Gap won't be affected.

Kanye goes on a rant on Instagram, saying that he is fighting against porn addiction and the Kardashians.

West and Gap's relationship has been getting worse in recent weeks, with the rapper taking to social media more and more to vent his anger at the company.