In Venice, the veteran Indian actor Kabir Bedi was given an award for his whole career. The all-time favourite Italian TV show, Sandokan, is part of

his body of work there. Bedi was given the Filming Italy Movie Lifetime Achievement Award at the Italian Pavilion working space, which was set up

the prestigious award was given to the Indian actor by the well-known producer and actor Tiziana Rocca and the head of the DGCA-MiC special projects division, Roberto Stabile.

Kabir, who worked for a long time in Italy, has been trying to improve relations between India and Italy for the past forty years. During his speech,

the actor said, "I have tried for many years to get people in Italy to care about India and get people in India to care about Italy." 

"Since Sandokan, I've done more than six major series in Italy, and not many people know that Bollywood and Hollywood are a much smaller part of my life than my career in Italy," he said.

Kabir also said that he started looking for work outside of India when he realised he couldn't play the typical singing-dancing Indian leading man in

Bollywood, which he rarely did. The 76-year-old actor said that when he went to Italy at that time, the country welcomed him with open arms.

Sandokan was the first. The 1976 TV show, which was based on books by Emilio Salgari and starred the dashing pirate hero Sandokan, who fought

against the British colonisers, caught the attention of the Italian public and set a record audience share of 34%.

There were a number of TV shows and movies with the character after the first one.