Julia Stiles talks about the shocking twist and killer ending of "First Kill." Spoilers for Orphan: First Kill are coming up.

Even if you haven't seen the 2009 movie Orphan, you probably already know how it ends. After 13 years, the scary, but silly, twist in the horror movie is just too

good not to be spoiled: Isabelle Fuhrman, who plays the title character, isn't as young as she seems to be. She is a murderous Estonian woman who is 33 years

twist at the end. But Julia Stiles, who stars in the prequel movie Orphan: First Kill, which is now in theatres and can be watched on Paramount+, thinks the twist

in the new movie is just as memorable as the one in the first one. "We know Esther's secret from the start, so we get to watch her try to trick everyone for the whole movie," Stiles tells TIME.

"It's a very satisfying twist that she then meets someone who will beat her." The Story The events of First Kill occur two years before the ones in Orphan.

It shows how Leena, a 31-year-old patient at the Saarne Institute, stole the identity of a missing Connecticut girl named Esther to become a murderous con artist

who wants to sleep with her adopted father. (Fuhrman, who is now 25, plays her double orphan role again with the help of some clever camera tricks.)

Stiles plays Tricia Coleman, the rich birth mother of the real Esther, who is Leena's worst nightmare and who is also keeping a pretty big secret.

"To trick the audience, you want Tricia at the beginning of the movie to seem like a really sad, fragile woman," she says. "Then, in the second half, you realise she is a really good liar."

In the middle of Orphan: First Kill, Tricia reveals that she knew Leena wasn't her missing daughter because the real Esther is dead. The little girl's older brother

killed her by accident. Tricia acts like she still has hope that Esther will come back, even though she knows she never will. This is to protect her son. But when

she does, Tricia doesn't want to give up her newly reunited family, especially since she knows how happy it has made her husband, Allen (Rossif Sutherland),

who doesn't know about her lies. "A missing child is the only thing worse than a dead child," Tricia says. Because of this, she even kills the detective who finds

out that Leena's DNA doesn't match Esther's. Now that he's gone, Leena can keep playing the role of the good daughter. "Tricia really thinks that what she's

doing is right. That she's trying to keep her family safe, "says Stiles. "That's what makes her the most scary."

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