A judge was very harsh on Elon Musk for not turning over text messages that could be used as proof in Twitter's

lawsuit to force the billionaire to finish his $44 billion plan to buy out the social media site.  

In a ruling released Wednesday, Delaware Chancery Judge Kathaleen St. Jude McCormick said there were "glaring flaws" in how Musk and his lawer

responded to Twitter's request for text messages Musk and top aide Jared Birchall sent and received about the proposed deal

and Musk's subsequent attempt to back out of it. She told the men to give her records of their texts from their phones.  

She said, "Third parties made text messages with Musk that Musk himself did not make." Some of the conversations he had also had clear gaps.

Still, she said that Musk's lawyers worked to fix a lot of the problems that Twitter had brought up in pre-trial information exchanges.

Musk's main lawyer, Alex Spiro, wouldn't say anything about McCormick's decision about the texts.