John Fogerty Reveals How Creedence Clearwater 

I got rid of all the mistakes. John Fogerty tells me, "That's why Creedence doesn't have a bunch of bonus tracks and other things."

That explains why there are no "lost songs" and only a few live releases, even though his famous band, Creedence Clearwater Revival, was only around from 1968 to 1972

During that time, they put out an amazing seven studio albums and a tonne of greatest hits albums. That’s what makes Creedence Clearwater

Revival at the Royal Albert Hall all the more special. This weekend sees the release of both a live album and a Netflix documentary and concert film.

Both show the band, whose songs helped set the mood for the Vietnam War era and have been used in movies from Blade to The Big Lebowski

in fiery form (a Super Deluxe Edition is out November 14). When Creedence played at the famous Royal Albert Hall, it was only four days after Paul

McCartney said he was leaving the Beatles. This made Creedence arguably the biggest band in the world.