Jimmy Kimmel Chose The Wrong Time Bad Joke

Critics said that Jimmy Kimmel's comedy skit at Monday night's Emmy Awards took the spotlight away from the winner, Quinta Brunson.

During the award ceremony, Kimmel and Will Arnett presented the award for Outstanding Writing for a Comedy Series. Arnett dragged Kimmel

onto the stage, pretending that he had passed out from drinking too many margaritas. Arnett made a joke that Kimmel had drunk away his

sadness backstage because this was the "13th time in a row" that he had lost. It was a funny skit, but the joke went too far when Brunson went on stage to

accept her first Emmy for her ABC show, Abbott Elementary, while Kimmel stayed on stage and laid down next to her, making it impossible

to film Brunson's speech without Kimmel's body in the shot. Kimmel tried to wake him up by jokingly saying, "Jimmy, wake up. I won.

Kimmel gave him a thumbs up, but he stayed on the floor, as if he thought his skit was too funny to end. After a few awkward glances in his direction,