Jerry Ferrara tells Jalen Rose how he knew

The show started in 2004, and during its first season, the media liked it, but Jerry said that most people didn't know who the actors were.

between the first and second seasons, HBO started letting people watch its shows whenever they wanted.

On this week's "Renaissance Man," Jerry told me that every college student who went back to school in September found "Entourage" on

demand. So we skipped Season 1 and went straight to Season 2, when our ratings went through the roof. I remember being on something like Sunset Boulevard,

we were shooting... People are beginning to call out the names of our characters. Then, on Sunset, we caused an accident because people were

looking at us shooting, and then you heard a boom. big accident. We went back and made sure everyone was okay, but it was pretty cool. Luckily,

it was just a minor accident. Since then, his career has been going strong. But he didn't start out in the business in a very exciting way.