Jason Isbell's ShoalsFest Returns to His

Florence, Alabama (AP)Jason Isbell thinks back to when he was a teenager and stood on the stage at McFarland Park's Spirit of Freedom Festival.

Isbell had big dreams even back then. The Greenhill native is now a singer-songwriter with many hits and four Grammys. He tours the world with his 400-unit band.

But he has never forgotten where he came from, and the stage at McFarland Park on the banks of the Tennessee River, where he used to play for Spirit of Freedom festivals

is now where the annual ShoalsFest takes place on Oct. 1 and 2. Isbell said at a news conference on Wednesday, "That spot on the river is so beautiful."

The annual festival he helped start in 2019 has grown over the years, but it is still Isbell's gift to the public and to musicians who want to get better.

Isbell said, "I didn't want to do it just for myself, so I looked for a place to do it." "I wanted to make something that people could see and be moved by.

When I played the Spirit of Freedom, I played in front of the biggest crowd I'd ever played for. I'm glad to have this in the same place and in the same place.