Reports say that James Franco will play Fidel Castro, the Cuban revolutionary, and many Latino actors are not happy about this.

John Leguizamo, who recently voiced Bruno in Disney's "Encanto," was the most famous person to criticise Franco's casting on Instagram.

Leguizamo said that a Latino actor should have been chosen for the part instead. "How can this still be happening?" On Friday, Leguizamo asked.

How is it that Hollywood not only ignores us but also steals our stories?Stop stealing from Hollywood and streamers!Boycott!

This sucked! Plus, it's really hard to tell a story without bragging, which would be wrong. I don't have anything against Franco, but he's not Latino! "

Reports say that Franco will play Castro in the upcoming movie "Alina of Cuba," which will start filming later this year.

The movie tells the story of Castro's daughter, Alina Fernandez. It's not just Leguizamo who is upset about the choice of actors.

In response to Leguizamo's post, actress Jess Darrow, who voiced Luisa Madrigal in "Encanto," wrote, "Wtf is this?"

"Sorry, but what the actual f**k?" Ral Castillo wrote in an Instagram story. "Not me reading that James Franco will have to "build" an accent for Castro,

when my whole life I've been made fun of for not speaking English like an American and told over and over to work hard to get rid of it," wrote actress Sol Rodriguez.

"I'm trying out for another generic Latin American drug dealer, and James Franco is dead a** playing Fidel Castro," actor Jeff Torres tweeted.

"Latinos are being mistreated here and everywhere."  Hollywood has been behind in showing Latinos for a long time.

According to a 2020 study by the USC Annenberg Inclusion Initiative, Latinos make up 18% of the US population,  but only 5% of the speaking roles in the top 100 movies went to Latino actors.

Five women, some of whom were Franco's students, accused him of inappropriate and sexually exploitative behaviour in 2018.