Is the NBA’s Punishment of Robert Sarver Harsh Enough?

Robert Sarver is a jerk, a terrible boss, and a sexist, but calling him insensitive to people of other races doesn't do him justice.

When a white man uses the n-word at work in any situation and is told it's hurtful and still does it again, as the NBA says Sarver did, that's called racist.

Even though the NBA's report says that there was "no finding that Mr. Sarver's workplace misconduct was motivated by racial or gender animus,

I don't care. When you act like the report says Sarver did, it doesn't matter why. How it makes other people feel is what counts.  

Does it bother you that a person like this can own an NBA team? Absolutely.

Should that irritate you? Sure! Is it Adam Silver's job as NBA commissioner to kick him out of the league? Well...